Archives of Acoustics, 26, 3, pp. , 2001

A theory on impact noise evaluation of a wood joist floor from equivalent circuit models and principle experiment

H. Iwashige
Faculty of Education, Hiroshima University

M. Ohta
Professor Emeritus of Hiroshima University

For the purpose of decreasing an impact sound level in the
room below in a house, a new fundamental study on the impact sound of floors is
given in the case of a wood joist floor above the structural concrete slab. In
Japan, we have so many opportunities to use wood joist floors in housing. The
wood joist floor is convenient and suitable for our Japanese life style. From
such a practical viewpoint, a wood joist floor above the reinforced dense
concrete floor is considered. Especially a new theoretical trial based on the
introduction of equivalent concentrated constant circuit models of electric and
mechanical types for an impact noise transmission of a wood joist floor is
proposed first. Thus, a practical evaluation of the impact noise reduction can
be theoretically estimated by the model method proposed. In the case of a wood
joist floor using a resilient material under the wood joist, a quantitative
improvement in the impact noise reduction has been systematically expected.
Then, from an experimental viewpoint, we have succeeded in confirming the
validity of our theory, especially in the case of the I.S.O. standard tapping
machine. As a result, we have found a fairly good agreement between our theory
and the principle experiment.
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