Archives of Acoustics, 27, 2, pp. , 2002

Acoustic two-dimensional scattering from cylinders using the method of source simulation technique

P.H. T. Zannin
Universidade Federal do Paraná -- Centro Politéecnico

In this work the Method of Source Simulation Technique was
used to calculate the scattering of a plane wave by a circular cylinder with
random distribution of the surface impedance. The scattering and radiation from
vibrating bodies can be expressed by a source system that is located within the
envelope of the scatterer or radiator. The Method of Comparative Sources, as is
shown in this work, provides an appropriate prediction of the sources strength
and consequently of the sound field. The efficiency of the method was verified
through the comparison between numerical results and experimental data. The
calculation of the scattering was performed for the variants of the method: the
single-layer method and the one-point multipole method.
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