Archives of Acoustics, 27, 2, pp. , 2002

The sound pressure of an individual mode of a clamped-free annular plate

W. P. Rdzanek
Department of Acoustics, University of Rzeszów

The paper presents some theoretical results together with
the corresponding numerical results of the directivity pattern of sound
radiation of the clamped-free, free-clamped, and fully clamped annular plates.
The results obtained are valid in the Fraunhoffer zone for some time-harmonic
and axisymmetric processes. The results are compared for the three different
plates of identical geometric and material parameters. The Kirchhoff-Love model
of a~linear perfectly elastic plate is used. The data for the free-clamped plate
are presented here for the first time, whereas the data valid for clamped-free
and fully clamped annular plates are partially quoted from the literature. This
new inventory of data makes it possible to perform some interesting comparisons
of the magnitudes valid for the three different boundary conditions. All the
data presented in this paper make the basis for some further theoretical
investigations of the sound power of the three plates.
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