Archives of Acoustics, 27, 4, pp. , 2002

Digital waveguide models of the Panpipes

A. Czyżewski

J. Jaroszuk

B. Kostek
Sound and Vision Engineering Department Gdańsk University of Technology

The aim of this paper is to present a digital waveguide
model of the Panpipes. For the efficient modelling of the Panpipes instrument
its structure and its physics were studied and discussed. Principles of the
digital waveguide modelling of woodwind instruments were also briefly reviewed.
In the paper two digital waveguide models of Panpipes instruments differing from
each other in their complexity were presented. Consequently it enabled studying
the influence of the decreasing complexity of the model on the resulting
synthetic sound quality. The subjective tests performed showed that the
simplifications in digital waveguide models introduced reveal no noticeable
influence on the sound quality. Comparison of synthetic and real Panpipes sounds
was also made and conclusions reached.
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