Archives of Acoustics, 28, 3, pp. , 2003

Identification of reflection, diffraction and scattering effects in real acoustic flow fields

S. Weyna
Department of Applied Vibroacoustics, Technical University of Szczecin

In contrast to the classically described acoustical fields
with acoustical pressure distributions (scalar effects), the graphical
presentation of the acoustic energy flow in real-life acoustic fields as a
vector mapping, can explain many particulars concerning the areas in which it is
difficult to make a theoretical analysis (direct and near field, vortex flow,
effects of scattering on obstacles, reflection on partitions, efficiency of
acoustics barrier, etc.). With the experimental application of the sound
intensity (SI) measurement method in real-life fields as well as the technique
of presentation the results in a 2D and a 3D graphical form, numerous examples
illustrate the results of applying the SI measurement for practical problems
presented in the article. Concerning the intensity vector distribution of the
real near and fare field, the paper presents the paths of the acoustic energy
flow over the barriers and the form of the acoustical radiation field of
vibrating structures. This type of information enriches the knowledge about
vector acoustic fields and the mechanism of the acoustic energy flux through the
real partitions.
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