Archives of Acoustics, 29, 2, pp. , 2004

The phenomena of electrorheological fluid behavior between two barriers under alternative voltage

M. L. Szary
Southern Illinois University Carbondale, College of Engineering, Department of Technology

Electrorheological (ER) fluids placed between two barriers
have the ability to change some of their physical properties like the apparent
viscosity and modulus of elasticity when an external electrical field is
applied. Early investigations of the sound transmission loss (STL) under DC
voltage showed that a normal stress that develops in ER fluid in response to an
electrical field has a significant influence on the magnitude of STL. The
tangentional (shear) stress had only a negligible effect on the STL. The aim of
this study was to investigate the STL using a two-barrier system with ER fluid
placed between them, and subjected to alternative voltage. The STL was
investigated for various kinds of ER fluids in the presence of the variable
alternative electric field density. The results showed that the STL had
decreased with the increasing electric field density.
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