Archives of Acoustics, 29, 4, pp. , 2004

Estimation of logatom intelligibility with the STI method for Polish speech transmitted via communication channels

S. Brachmański
Wrocław University of Technology, Institute of Telecommunications and Acoustics

An objective measure of the quality of speech communication
channels was introduced and described by Steeneken-Houtgast. By calculating the
Speech Transmission Index (STI), this method provides an estimate of logatom
intelligibility for a variety of communication distortions. Using the logatom
test for speech intelligibility, it was shown that the STI method is a valid
method for the assessment of the quality of the speech transmitted over
communications channels intended for use with the Polish language. New STI
curves were generated for the Polish speech intelligibility. Key words: speech
quality, speech intelligibility, logatom intelligibility, speech transmission
index, STI.
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