Archives of Acoustics, 29, 4, pp. , 2004

Identification of zones of increased vibroacoustic emission by means of the inverse method

L. Stryczniewicz
AGH University of Science and Technology

The basic formulas concerning the inversion are presented
in the paper. Examples of the author's studies on the possibility of the
localization of zones of increased vibroactivity by means of the inverse method
are given. The inverse method is very sensitive to the position of substitute
sources. This feature can be used for the determination of the position of
actual sources. The accuracy of the method depends also on the distribution of
the observation points. The dependence of the position of substitute sources on
their acoustic power level is discussed in the paper as well. The distribution
of the acoustic fields around the air compressor is given as an example.
The~measurements were performed at the points distributed on a semi-sphere. Both
the amplitude and phase of the acoustic pressure were determined at each
measuring point. On the basis of the results obtained, the zones of increased
acoustic emission were searched for. Key words: acoustic modeling, inverse
method, sound source.
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