Archives of Acoustics, 34, 1, pp. 13–23, 2009

Response of a plate to PZT actuators

Dingguo ZOU
Auburn University, Mechanical Engineering Department

Malcolm J. CROCKER
Auburn University, Mechanical Engineering Department

In this paper, the response of a plate with arbitrary
boundary conditions to PZT actuators is derived. It is assumed that the plate
and the actuators are rectangular and the edges of the PZT actuators are
parallel to the respective edges of the plate. The response of the plate is
decomposed into normal modes. The modal amplitude of the normal mode is
represented in terms of the shape function of the actuator and the normal mode.
The shape function of the actuator is given as a~singularity function. The
normal modes for the boundary conditions with which we are concerned are
calculated based on theoretical analyses of Magrab. The results of this paper
are useful in designing an active noise control system in which the PZT
actuators are used as the control sources.
Keywords: piezoelectric actuators; plate vibration; normal modes; singularity functions; noise control
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