Archives of Acoustics, 34, 3, pp. 305–343, 2009

Simulated annealing optimization on multi-chamber mufflers hybridized with perforated plug-inlet under space constraints

Mi Chie CHIU
ChungChou Institute of Technology, Department of Automatic Control Engineering

optimizing the acoustical performance of mufflers within a
compact volume is necessary. To depress the acoustical performance, a
multi-chamber muffler hybridized with perforated plug-inlet tubes which may
dramatically increase the acoustical performance, is then adopted and optimized
under space constraint. In this paper, both the numerical decoupling technique
and simulated annealing (SA) algorithm for solving the coupled acoustical
problem of perforated plug-inlet tubes and optimizing the muffler shape are
used. To appreciate the acoustical ability of the new mufflers, traditional
multi-chamber mufflers with extended inlet tubes have been assessed.
Furthermore, noise reductions in broadband and pure tones noise are also
introduced. But before the SA operation can be carried out, the accuracy of the
mathematical model has to be checked by experimental data. Results reveal that
the maximal STL is precisely located at the desired target tone. In addition,
the acoustical performance of mufflers conjugated with perforated plug-inlet
tubes is superior to that hybridized with extended inlet tubes. Moreover, the
more chambers the mufflers have, the higher acoustical performance they will
reach. Consequently, we demonstrate a successful SA application to the muffler
Keywords: multi-chamber muffler; perforated plug-inlet tube; numerical decoupling technique; space constraints; SA optimization
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