Archives of Acoustics, 33, 1, pp. 103–109, 2008

Optimisation of the total harmonic distortions of the acoustic vacuum tube push-pull amplifier

Stanisław MALECZEK
Wrocław University of Technology; Military Institute of Engineer Technology

The study presents the method of reducing total harmonic distortions of the acoustic vacuum tube amplifier with 30 W output power. The optimisation of the amplifier's circuit is carried out by introducing the solutions applied in the transistor technology such as differential amplifiers with a source of a current. Selection of the amplifier vacuum tubes, as well as of their operating points, was studied as a mean to reduce the distortion amount of the whole amplifier stage. By optimising the amplifier it was presented how a simple circuit solution assures very good final parameters with relatively low costs. The measurements were conducted using the Audio Precision systems.
Keywords: acoustic vacuum tube amplifier, harmonic distortions, audio equipment
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