Archives of Acoustics, 30, 4, pp. 495-505, 2005

Changes of selected biochemical parameters of blood, densytometric and strength bones of rats under low frequency vibration

AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics

The aim of the research is to analyze the changes of selected biochemical blood, densitometric parameters and bone strength of rats under exposure to low-frequency vibrations. Experiments were run on 30 Wistar rats randomly divided into three groups: the first group was first exposed to vibrations when rats were 20 days old: _20 - before puberty, the second group was subjected to vibrations from the 70-th day on: _70 - after reaching puberty, the third is the control group: _K. On the 145-th day the rats' _20 and _70 bones were subjected to biochemical examination, followed by densitometric and bone strength tests.
Keywords: low-frequency vibrations, biochemical blood, densitometric parameters, bone strength tests
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