Archives of Acoustics, 32, 4, pp. 971-982, 2007

Architectural and environmental acoustics as an aspect of sustainable development

Building Research Institute

Building Research Institute

Sustainability, among other global and local issues, embraces also problems connected with protection against noise and vibration. In this context architectural acoustics and environmental acoustics should be considered as a part of the sustainable development policy. It refers to the environment and land management as well as to the whole building sector. Proper acoustic conditions prevailing in the external environment and in the interior of a building are not only a question of a comfort or quality but the real problem of creating healthy and active society. One of the most important point is the possibility of proper assessment, in acoustic terms, of an environment and proper assessment of land areas designated for specific use. The paper presents an attempt at systemising of the acoustical issues within the sustainability frame. The parameters and factors which should be taken into consideration while preparing principles of environmental noise management considered as an aspect of sustainable development are discussed.
Keywords: noise, vibration, sustainable development, environment protection, assessment methods
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