Archives of Acoustics, 37, 4, pp. 475–482, 2012

The Joint Vibration Analysis of a Multi-Link Surgical Manipulator

Institute of Technology, University of Rzeszów

Department of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Rzeszów University of Technology

This paper presents a vibration analysis of a multi-link surgical micromanipulator joint, based on
its detailed mathematical model. The manipulator’s prototype contains 6 links with the diameter of
8–10 [mm] and with the length of the modules of about 130 [mm]. It is driven by brushless servomotors
with worm and planetary gears, for which the total transmission ratio is above 1/10000. Regarding the
low efficiency of micro-robot drive systems and its vibrations, a reliable joint model and its performance is
crucial for the development of a high-precision control system. To achieve the required accuracy, modelling
framework has been enriched with an advanced model of friction. Simulation results are presented and
Keywords: joint vibration; joint model; friction model; surgical manipulator
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