Archives of Acoustics, 32, 1, pp. 75–87, 2007

Semantic disambiguation in a MT system based on a bilingual dictionary

Krzysztof JASSEM
Adam Mickiewicz University, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Agnieszka WAGNER
Adam Mickiewicz University, Institute of Linguistics

The paper presents an approach to semantic disambiguation in a transfer MT system based on a bilingual dictionary, i.e. the dictionary built from source-target pairs. The approach assumes building a concept ontology for nouns. The ontological concepts are applied as semantic values in lexical rules for verbs, adjectives and prepositions. A set of "semantic accommodation" rules is developed. The set is consulted during the process of semantic disambiguation that follows syntactical parsing. The approach has been applied in a commercial bi-directional Polish-English MT system called Translatica.
Keywords: machine translation, conceptual ontology, semantic hierarchy, semantic disambiguation, WordNet
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