Archives of Acoustics, 37, 4, pp. 555–559, 2012

Joint Factor Analysis of Channel Mismatch in Whispering Speaker Verification

Gang LV
School of Electronic Information, Soochow University

Heming ZHAO
School of Electronic Information, Soochow University

A speaker recognition system based on joint factor analysis (JFA) is proposed to improve whisper-
ing speakers’ recognition rate under channel mismatch. The system estimated separately the eigenvoice
and the eigenchannel before calculating the corresponding speaker and the channel factors. Finally, a
channel-free speaker model was built to describe accurately a speaker using model compensation. The
test results from the whispered speech databases obtained under eight different channels showed that
the correct recognition rate of a recognition system based on JFA was higher than that of the Gaussian
Mixture Model–Universal Background Model. In particular, the recognition rate in cellphone channel
tests increased significantly.
Keywords: joint factor analysis; whisper; speaker verification
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