Archives of Acoustics, 22, 4, pp. 473-480, 1997


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1. 2-nd meeting on Advances in Acousto-Optics, St. Petersburg, Russia, June 24-25, 1997;
2. WORLD CONGRESS ON ULTRASONICS'97, Jokohama, Japan, 24-27 August 1997;
3. 103rd AES Convention, New York, 26-29 September 1997;
4. DISSERTATION - "Investigations of inclusion complexes of organic ions with α- and β-cyclodextrin by means of ultrasonic spectroscopy methods", Andrzej Balcerzak, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw. Ph.D. Thesis in material science, supervised by Associate Professor Adam Juszkiewicz.
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